If you’re looking for rare, Vintage Soundtrack Covers, then you have come to the right place. Vinyl records remain one of the most collectible forms of music memorabilia and what we miss about vinyl LPs and 45 rpm Soundtrack records is the fact that they were often graced by terrific cover images, usually photos or unique artwork from the film. As every country put out its own version of each record, cover images varied widely. We will pay tribute to the great old LP covers of yesteryear. All original artwork are copyright to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended!


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  1. What a wonderful repository for LP cover art!! Do you accept new contributors? I have an extensive collection, much of which is posted on my Flickr account. Mostly classical, but few other items as well. I love anything that catches the eye or amuses in some manner.

  2. VERY VERY nice site !! Just doing a art insert for my Gabor Szabo Collection [320MP3/1644-2496FLAC]. Keep up the GREAT work !!! You have made an “O.F.” [VN Vet] very happy. Best to you and yours in the coming days/years.

    • Thanks for your comment. My covers are scanned with a Photocopying machine (Photocopier) and are sourced from my friends collections or borrowed from a local record shop. Other covers have been send to me by different contributors from around the globe.

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