Stir Crazy

Various Artists - Stir CrazyVarious Artists - Stir Crazy


3 thoughts on “Stir Crazy

  1. Hi Jim…just wanted to say thanks for the incredible covers you continually post. Phenomenal soundtrack covers are my covers of choice. I assume you have a huge collection yourself? Would love to know if you have YOR, THE HUBTER FROM THE FUTURE…..THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS…..and you aren’t, by any chance, a dealer who sells lps , are you? Any answers much appreciated…ANDREW.

    • Dear Andrew, many thanks for your nice comment. I borrow all those LPs from a friend who happens to be a record dealer and I will keep my eyes open for the two titles you’re looking for. Jim

      • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!!! And…….you had me at “record dealer”!!!!! Would I be ok in assuming that if I passed on a want list, that he may be able to help me …I assume he’s a seller? Thanks….

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